Why is douching and how to do it?

Common procedure for the treatment and prevention of certain diseases is douching, how to do this procedure, of interest to many women.

The purpose of syringing by a doctor

Douching is a special procedure for washing the genitals in women for some diseases. The opinions of gynecologists about this method differ: someone finds this useful, others do not. But all agree on one thing: douching infections is only an additional component of the complex treatment, to get rid of the disease by using only this method is almost impossible.

When syringing by a doctor or the woman at home introduced into the cavity of various tools and medication. This may be used various kinds of auxiliary tools such as pear, syringe, mug Esmarch, etc. How to douche, should tell doctor without its recommendations carry out the procedure undesirable.

How to douche and what is necessary

The purpose of syringing by a doctorSome women mistakenly compare douching with other hygienic procedures that will help to keep the intimate area clean.

The procedure in no case must not become a “tool” to deal with the daily selections. Most discharge in healthy women is a way of the mucous membrane defend against bacteria to keep useful microflora, to the female sex organs kind of “waste”. A healthy body is capable to get rid of it. The mucus that is produced every day, is not than other, as a protective barrier for organs from outside environment. Vaginal douching in the absence of any disease, may have a negative effect.

The procedure of irrigation is held mainly in order to scrub out the female sex organs bacteria, semen after intercourse, to heal the cracks in the mucosa. As prevention is vaginal douching carried out before birth that the child is not infected by pathogenic bacteria of the mother during the passage through the birth canal.

Technique of douching

The use of douches before childbirthWomen often ask the expert questions whether it is possible to douche and how to carry out this procedure.

There are several important aspects that douching can not only help but also harm:

  1. Follow the doctor’s recommendations. Usually gynecologists in the appointment douching indicate what are the drugs or substances it is best to douche, what tools you can use and how to wash the vagina.
  2. The duration of irrigation. Usually the course of such treatment is not more than a week. Recommended douching before bed and more than once a day. This will help to maintain a healthy microflora.
  3. It is better not to use unsuitable for irrigation instruments: syringes, pipettes, etc. In the pharmacy you can find a huge number of different means, otherwise it is better to use a sanitized bag for an enema.

Herbal infusion for douchingHerbal infusion for princesadefresa douching is held for 15 minutes. This time is sufficient to effortlessly wash the vaginal mucosa. Longer or short a procedure might not give results.

Before you do, douching, you need to visit the toilet and thoroughly wash that urine is not included in the genitals. The medicine or a herbal infusion must be diluted with water to a comfortable temperature. The most suitable is the approximate temperature of the human body: from 36 to 37°C.

Contraindications and precautions for syringing

Good hygiene with douchingEverything the doctors do not recommend douching without a pressing need, especially if it can be replaced by a preventive cleaning with herbs.
There are the following rules which should be applied when syringing:

  • if you experience a burning sensation and discharge yellow, grey etc. colours, with the appearance of unpleasant smell (irrigation in this case can only be assigned a doctor);
  • just before visiting the doctor because solution for douching will wash the entire flora and distort the results of the smear, in this case, it is sufficient washing with warm boiled water;
  • in the acute phase of inflammatory diseases of internal genital organs (appendages, cervix, vagina);
  • in the period of menstruation: the blood can get back into the cervical canal and cause an infectious inflammation;
  • in pregnancy, at this time, any interference may cause miscarriage or premature birth, as well as have a negative impact on the prenatal development of the baby;
  • after childbirth and after curettage of the uterus, at that time, her cervix opened, and the mucosa is very sensitive and unprotected.

What can be douching

What you can douche? As a matter of interest to many women. The procedure can be used as medicines, and a large number of traditional medicine.

In preparing the solution for irrigation needs as closely as possible to maintain the proportion. The limit of such substances as potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, soda, etc., may lead to desiccation and burn the vaginal mucosa. It can be dangerous in the presence of infection.

Solution for irrigation on the basis of herbs are best prepared just before use.

Before use, extracts of plants must ensure that a child is missing.

There are several types of means for irrigation:

  1. Potassium permanganate. Modern gynecologists are not only not recommended, but prohibits the means for irrigation. It is very dry mucous membranes and can lead to the formation of micro traumas.
  2. Soda. Douching with baking soda is a popular method to promote conception, which is not confirmed by specialists. The acidic environment of the vagina adversely affects the sperm. In order to enhance their survival, before intercourse, the vagina washed with soda.
  3. Daisy. This is one of the most common tools to combat mild sexual infections. Often douching chamomile is used in candidiasis.
    Vhotel. This drug is used in a variety of vaginitis, particularly if they occur as a complication of other diseases of the reproductive or urinary system.

Douching tormented by

The drug is one of the most common medicines for irrigation. It consists of several types of chlorophyll with the addition of an extract of eucalyptus leaves. Chlorophyllipt can be used to treat the following diseases:

  • bacterial vaginal infections in combination with fungus;
  • douching in diseases of the cervix, particularly in erosion.

If you are using douches with the addition of chlorophyllin, it is important to rule out allergies to components of medication. Most often this tool is used for the treatment of thrush and other fungal infections.

For irrigation it is better to use alcohol solution hlorofillipta. One tablespoon of the medicine is diluted a glass of boiled warm water. When cervical erosion additional means can be cotton balls soaked in an oil solution of the drug. Lay them needs a doctor, not to hurt the cervix.

After washing away the yeast infection drug can be used in the prevention of the occurrence of thrush with dysbiosis.