How to use the vaginal suppositories?

Vaginal suppositories are drugs, which among women is quite popular. How to enter the vaginal suppositories, I know not all women, and some of them are just afraid to do it.

The problem of inflammatory diseases of women

The doctor advises to use candles to cure female inflammatory diseases. These funds are made at the factory, but they can even do, according to the doctor’s prescription, pharmacists.

The composition of vaginal plugs

The use of vaginal suppositories for the inflammation

Suppositories are composed of two components: active and auxiliary. The main component of candle oil, which is extracted from the cocoa-tree. More recently, women often have to use vaginal suppositories on the basis of sea buckthorn oil.

Sea buckthorn is a medicinal plant that enjoys the people, especially popular. People with different diseases used sea buckthorn oil, drank, used for topical treatment. Physicians prescribed to their patients for recuperation, if they suffered a serious illness, for the treatment of deep wounds and burns. Sea buckthorn is also good for the urinary system, joints, gastrointestinal tract. Sea buckthorn oil relieves pain, protects against infections, helps in tightening of wounds, ulcers.

Who prescribed vaginal suppositories?

Almost every second women can detect gynecologic disease such as thrush. It contributes to the appearance of yeast-like fungus. Due to the influence of aggressive factors, adverse conditions in the vagina begins to grow fungus, and it becomes the cause of candidiasis. The main signs by which you can determine the yeast infection:

  • some discomfort during urination;
  • itching in the groin;
  • a thick white yeast-like discharge.


But in identifying these symptoms, do not rush to treat thrush as these symptoms are common to other diseases. To determine the candidiasis, you need to run some tests.

If the disease was confirmed by the gynecologist, he prescribes antibiotics and further local treatment. For example, douching, multivitamins, ointments, vaginal suppositories, diet.

One of the most dangerous diseases in women is cervical erosion. If the process was delayed and was not treated, the disease can lead to cervical cancer. Therefore do not delay the disease urgency to treat. Erosion in the early stages to identify not just, because for a long time may be no symptoms.

When women are diagnosed with cervical erosion, then it is usually sent to surgery, which remove the diseased epithelium. Vaginal suppositories in this situation is credited with gynecologists for healing, recovery therapy.

Advice on the use of vaginal plugs

Expert advice

When gynecologists prescribe vaginal suppositories, some women are lost and do not know how to enter candle vaginally. Here are some tips.

Candles are usually used 1-2 times a day. Before you enter the candle, carefully wash hands with warm water, but don’t use gel soap. You should have the gasket themselves vaginal suppositories.

Vaginal suppositories are inserted at night, so you felt no discomfort. The suppository dissolves, and the liquid is released from it.

Insert candles only in the supine position.

Some of the candlesticks is the applicator with it, she will be able to correctly insert the drug and move it a little deeper.

Hand washing before the introduction of candles

Hand washing before the introduction of specicity make it easier to enter her, pull your knees up to your chest and using the applicator, move the candle far into the vagina. Remember: pull out the applicator slowly and gently. In the absence of the applicator suppository with your finger. It is necessary to enter as far as possible, the entire length of the finger. If you incorrectly insert a candle or deep enough, then it will either come out, or all the liquid will flow out.

After you have entered the suppository

After you have entered the suppository, lie down quietly in bed for at least 20 minutes. It is important that the contents of the candles remained in the vagina and not out beyond it. If the liquid from the candle spilled, any positive effect will not.

Now you will need the gasket. Worth it to put her to absorb those emissions that would remain after the introduction of candles. It is normal that a small amount of fluid will come out, a candle can not be absorbed (even if you entered the correct).

When you decided to insert vaginal suppositories, it is not recommended to sex life. This is necessary to exclude the possibility of re-infection. It would be great to have your partner also tested and examined. Men quite often carry these infectious diseases, despite the fact that they have not seen any signs of it.

Your health should be treated with care. To avoid any negative effects, visit your gynecologist as often as possible.