How is the treatment of uterine fibroids?

Any benign tumor requires timely treatment, the uterine fibroids is no exception. The formation of this pathology in the body is seamless, it is detected only during gynecological examination or inflammatory process.
There are various methods on how to treat fibroids. You need time to be screened and to pick up effective treatment.


Many factors affect the development of the disease. These include:
  1. The failure of hormonal background.
  2. Abundant menstruation.
  3. Lack of sexual life.
  4. Dissatisfaction during intercourse.
  5. Abortion.
  6. Failures of pregnancy.
  7. Constipation.
  8. Weight gain.
  9. Difficult childbirth.
  10. If there are diseases associated with the thyroid gland, diabetes.
  11. A sedentary lifestyle.
  12. The hereditary factor.
Fibroids of the cervix can occur in women during pregnancy and after the birth of a child, in this case there are these
  • discharge after birth, will become strong;Causes of
  • the danger of detachment of the placenta;
  • heavy delivery;
  • the cervix will not open in time, and will require a caesarean section;
  • the fruit is not in that position.

Symptoms and diagnosis

When fibroids cervical the symptoms and treatment can occur and be selected individually. If there is a rupture of the tumor, it may require surgical intervention until the removal of the affected organ. Myoma of the cervix is common among women age category of 20-45 years.
Education is divided into three types:
  1. Subserous, where the nodes are rested in the abdominal region.
  2. Submucous – grow nodules to the cavity of the uterus.
  3. Interstitial – the most common, units formed in the walls of the uterus.
Myoma of the cervix is determined only at a later date and according to the following criteria:
  1. Delayed menses, disturbed menstrual cycle.
  2. Monthly go long time with a large blood loss, women may experience anemia.
  3. Have an acute pain in the abdomen, in the loins, resembling labor.
  4. The stomach can grow and look like in pregnancy.
  5. Impaired activity of the urinary system and the gastrointestinal tract;
  6. Running a high temperature.
  7. Of heavy bleeding.
If you have uterine fibroids, the treatment should be carried out on time, as it can cause serious complications:
  • miscarriage, hypoxia;
  • difficult to get pregnant;
  • spotting;
  • the formation of malignant tumors;
  • the rapid growth of education and discomfort;
  • postpartum bleeding;
  • endometrial hyperplasia;
  • the occurrence of pyelonephritis and other diseases.
When fibroids should not take hot baths, put heating items. This can trigger an increase in education.Symptoms and diagnosis
Diagnose pathology when viewed in the gynecological office. For accurate diagnosis, the doctor prescribes ultrasound. Insert the transducer into the vagina, this method is considered effective and helps to identify the tumor. Histological examination allows to determine the types of fibroids and their growth. Laparoscopy is used when it is difficult to differentiate fibroids from other disease.

Therapy pathology

To treat uterine fibroids in different ways. There are 3 types of treatment: conservative, surgical and combined. Choose the right method will only the doctor, after examining the tests and the disease pattern.
The antiseptic for treatment miniconsultation the treatment of uterine fibroids usually proceeds successfully, and it is prescribed to almost all patients. The goal is to stop the growth of education and to prevent the development of complications. The main directions of conservative treatment are: readjustment of genitals, herbal medicine, medicines, strict diet, normalization of metabolism and restoration of the psychological state.
The treatment of uterine fibroids in this way is performed in the following cases:
  1. The small size of the education.
  2. Myoma with subserous and interstitial location of the nodes.
  3. The absence of pain.
  4. Preparation before surgery.
  5. Of childbearing age.
  6. In case of contraindications to surgery.
  7. Other reasons.
Principles of conservative treatment is the use of hormonal methods. Given the condition of the patient and the degree of development of the disease is assigned such funds:
  1. Derived androgens: Danazol, Gestrinone. They inhibit the hormones produced in the ovary. In the end, the tumor becomes smaller. Means you need to drink for about 6 months.
  2. Progestins: The Main Monitor. Contribute to the improvement of the growth of the endometrium when it is violated. Appointed with small tumors. The course is six months.
Patients often ask the question of how to treat fibroids small size. To do this, a hormonal spiral Mirena, which contains the progestogen is levonorgestrel. Due to this, in the womb is constantly receiving hormone which inhibits the growth and development of tumors. In addition, Mirena protect against unwanted pregnancy. The validity of the spiral for about 5 years.
Popular and combined oral contraceptives: yasmin, Janine, Regulon. They are able to suspend development of a small fibroid. Drinking them about 3 months, then canceled.
In rare cases, to treat uterine fibroids can drugs Zoladex, Buserelin. But they can’t be used for a long time: they can contribute to the cessation of menstruation and menopause.
Drug treatment of uterine fibroids is assigned to all women. At the initial stage of the disease can be applied non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, they are administered 1-2 days before the arrival of menstruation. However, tumor growth is under constant ultrasound observation.
More and more often ask questions than to cure uterine fibroids with the help of public funds. Therapy is the use of the following drugs:
  1. Acid tranexam and norsteroid. This tool helps with heavy menstruation. It is prescribed that the size of the fibroids is less than 8 weeks (measured as in pregnancy).
  2. Agonists hormones and steroids. Reduce nodes, provoking the development of tumors. The drugs usually prescribed for small fibroids or in preparation for surgery. Some hormones produce the opposite effect, and education may increase.
Sometimes without surgery to treat a benign tumor can be difficult, drug therapy becomes ineffective. In this case, resorting to surgery.
Surgical removal of fibroids by matrimoiniali to surgery the following factors:
  1. Infertility for many years.
  2. The influence of the tumor to other organs.
  3. Repeated miscarriage.
  4. Heavy menstruation and spotting.
  5. Twisted leg fibroids.
  6. The size of education has reached 13 weeks.
  7. The tumor can become cancer.
  8. The myoma grows to the age of 30.
  9. A lot of pain.
  10. The rapid growth of the tumor.

Other treatments

Modern methods of treatment of uterine fibroids are offered surgery without touching the reproductive organs.

There are several options:

  1. Treatment of fibroids with herbsOther treatments
  2. Embolization is performed with anesthesia, monitoring the progress of the operation through a monitor, is by puncturevine arteries on the thigh. The purpose is the obstruction of blood vessels, which carry food Minnich nodes. In this case, the tumor dies.
  3. With small fibroids using thermal effect of the ultrasonic beam with the imaging. Education against changes in temperature regimes destroyed. However, the nodes can be formed again after some time.
  4. Myomectomy. And remove tumors with surgery, but the genitals in women persist. The method is suitable for those who wish in the future to have children.
  5. During a laparoscopy, punctures are made in the abdominal and pelvic cavity under General anesthesia.
  6. Hysteroscopy. Removes fibroids with the help of telescopic instrument that is attached to the monitor and allows you to control the process operations.
  7. Hysterectomy. The surgery is performed under General anesthesia and removes the uterus. This method is used only in extreme cases when the woman’s condition is heavy and the risk of serious consequences. Usually prescribed to patients who are not going to give birth.
Comprehensive therapy involves the treatment of folk ways. In this case, use fees herbs. Vs tumors are considered effective celandine, cinquefoil, upland uterus, Thistle. To enhance immunity is useful to drink Siberian ginseng, Rhodiola rosea. At a delay menstruation drink tansy, in painful menstruation – chamomile, hops. When severe uterine bleeding used nettle, yarrow. Upland uterus helps to remove the swelling and normalize the reproductive system.
A decoction of pomegranate peel helps to cope with bleeding when the fibroids. The tincture of calendula drink every day in the morning.
Decrease pain symptoms will help douching with decoction of burdock, chamomile. Effective and tampons soaked in herbs, oils. Propolis has analgesic properties, it is used externally in the form of candles.
Popular is treatment of uterine fibroids leeches, only this procedure should be done by a specialist. Thanks to the treatment, improves blood circulation in the genital organs, blood-sucking help to get rid of such diseases as endometriosis, which contributes to the formation of fibroids.
Before using folk remedies, you should consult with your doctor in order not to worsen the condition. It is better to use combination therapy, then the outcome will be favorable. In addition, herbal medicine is recommended to women with small fibroids and at the advanced stage of the disease the effect of it will not.

Preventive measures

To prevent the disease, it is recommended to regularly visit the gynecologist 2 times a year. You also need annually to do an ultrasound of the female organs. You should use hormonal contraceptives against unwanted pregnancy, preventing abortion.
For additional preventive measures it is important to monitor their weight, to include in the routine of the day playing sports, lead a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to take vitamin complexes, and food should be balanced: it is recommended to take vegetable food, fiber, fish, refuse from fatty foods. Prevention it is recommended to drink infusions of nettles, celandine or hawthorn.
Regular checkups by a gynecologist will help to detect any, even a slight deviation in the genital area of women. Compliance with all doctor’s recommendations will help to avoid serious consequences.