Treatment of cervical erosion with sea buckthorn oil

Treatment of cervical erosion, sea buckthorn oil is one of alternative methods of eliminating this disease. But you should know that choosing this method of treatment, all manipulations should be carried out strictly under medical supervision and only with his permission, after inspection and analysis on a biopsy. Otherwise uncontrolled self-medication can lead to unpleasant consequences, get rid of them will be very difficult.

The problem of cervical erosion

Cervical erosion among all gynecological diseases is one of the most common and is the most insidious because it often happens that, in this disease the woman is not experiencing any symptoms at all, erosion is only discovered during gynecological examination.

Features of the disease

Upon detection of this pathology should be treated and not ignored the instructions of the doctor, otherwise the disease may lead to various complications until the formation of malignant tumors at the site of erosion formations. This disease occurs most often in women of reproductive age, but sometimes it can be diagnosed even in nulliparous girls and elderly women.

Diagnosis and treatment of this disease is complicated by the fact that the nonspecific symptoms of the disease, often no symptoms. Allocates about erosion and true. About erosion misdiagnosed if the patient has redness on the vaginal area of the cervix. But the real erosion should be determined only if there are obvious defects in epithelial tissues of the cervix. For this reason, it is recommended to undergo preventive examination by a gynecologist at least once every six months in order to diagnose the disease and start treatment.

True erosion is often diagnosed in sexually active women, age range which range 25-35 years. Also true erosion can be the result of:

  • inflammation of the vagina or cervix;
  • mechanical injuries during childbirth or during a miscarriage, abortion.
  • in the case of chronic or advanced forms of any infectious processes.

In the formulation of such a diagnosis are advised not to ignore doctor’s appointment, and the time to take all the necessary measures to get rid of the disease.

Symptoms and complications

Painful urination with cervical erosionIn the early stages the symptoms are practically non-existent, but over time the disease progresses, women may receive such complaints:

  • unusual discharge or bleeding from the vagina that occur during the break between periods and after sexual contact;
  • unpleasant profuse discharge;
  • pain in the lower abdomen and pubic parts during intercourse or when urinating;
  • menstruation becomes longer and more painful.

If true erosion is diagnosed, there may be a risk of precancerous processes. Sometimes it is a point of reference in the early stages of cervical cancer. This disease should be eliminated regardless of the complexity of treatment or the neglect of the state. Therapy should be carried out not only because of the risk of tumor formation, but also because this disease can cause serious complications, like infertility. In this case, special attention is paid to women who have not given birth or have inflammatory processes in the cervix. The cause may be chronic inflammation of the appendages, hormonal disturbances, excessive exposure to infectious diseases. You should take care of your health to avoid serious consequences and complications.

Useful properties of sea buckthorn oil

Discharge is cervical erosionThere are different ways to correct the problem. The most common are cryosurgery, cauterization and laser therapy.

The first method is the cauterization of the wound with cold nitrogen. The second method of treatment is carried out with the help of burning high temperatures, but to date this procedure is not too popular and is used mainly, if the wound is too large or if there are no other ways.

Traditional medicine offers ways of dealing with common ailment. One of the popular treatments is considered sea buckthorn oil for erosions of the cervix. This remedy helps the body to self-heal the damaged tissue. On the basis of this substance produced a lot of cosmetic and medical devices.

Sea buckthorn contains many useful substances: vitamins A and E, antioxidants, components that are responsible for normal metabolism in the cells and their recovery. Sea buckthorn oil when erosion in the initial stages may be doctors, but should monitor the process of healing of the wound.

It is used in the composition of the vaginal suppositories and can be applied the sea buckthorn oil in liquid form and to make their own tampons, saturated with it.

Sea buckthorn oil for the treatment of cervical erosionThis substance has its own characteristics: it can easily penetrate into the deeper layers of epithelial tissues and cells, moisturizes, nourishes, does not dry out, promotes healing of wounds and cracks.

The rich composition promotes sensitive and rapid restoration of skin integrity and eliminates lesions lesions.

There is another important property of the universal oil. It is able not only to eliminate the inflammation, but also neutralizes the activity of pathogenic microorganisms, which are the source of infectious processes in the urogenital system.

Treatment using sea buckthorn oil

Procedure treatment painless. It does not cause discomfort, but it requires careful compliance with the recommendations and monitoring of their condition. The undeniable advantages of sea buckthorn oil are easy to use and affordability.

To get rid of the disease, should be every day for 10 days to enter the vagina with a cotton swab moistened with sea buckthorn oil. To do such manipulations at night, because the time of action of substances is not less than 12 h.

Examination by the physician in the treatment of cervical erosionAfter one ten-day course is recommended to get a checkup from your doctor so he can assess the condition. If you see the positive dynamics, the procedure is repeated until the complete elimination of erosive lesions. Well helps in this treatment medicinal douching with herbal teas, for example chamomile, calendula, mother and stepmother, sage, plantain. This therapy is particularly useful to those women who are suffering from chronic dysbiosis and disorders of the vaginal flora. Using douching vaginal mucosa is prepared for subsequent treatment, eliminating pathogenic mucus, is anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. After this procedure the treatment using sea buckthorn oil will be more effective, the substance can penetrate deeper in the epithelial tissue and the effect it will be faster.

This treatment allowed to use during pregnancy and lactation, this substance is safe, nontoxic, hypoallergenic. It should be remembered that self-medication is unacceptable. Any manipulation should be discussed with your doctor.

To avoid this disease you should follow certain rules: regularly visit the gynecologist to closely monitor the hygiene of the genital organs, protect the body from hypothermia, do not wear synthetic underwear, treat any diseases of the genitourinary system. It is recommended to undergo periodic restoring microflora of the procedure (to make lacto – and bifidobacteria). You need to pay attention to your nutrition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, protein foods. It is recommended to use disinfectant suppositories, at the insistence of the doctor to undergo all relevant tests.

If there are alternatives to the traditional moxibustion with a doctor’s permission and under its strict control can be performed manipulation to eliminate the disease. It is recommended to use the slightest suspicion on erosion to a specialist.