The procedure of douching with baking soda of the yeast

Douching with baking soda of the yeast – treatment method, which is used for a long time. Thrush is a very common disease in which basis inflammatory process in the urogenital system. The main cause of thrush is a fungus Candida (Candida), therefore, the disease is also called candidiasis. Usually, candidiasis occurs only at the time of reduction of protective functions of the body. The weakening is due to other infections, which negatively affect the entire body, stress, poor diet and lifestyle.

The problem of thrush

How to do douching with baking soda for thrush? What are the contraindications of this procedure? Conduct douching must comply with the recommendations of the attending physician and must help, and not harm the woman’s body.

A brief introduction to the problem

Consultation of the gynecologistDouching with baking soda for thrush suggest many experts. This procedure is rather a preventive and curative, than exclusively medical. Soda douching is beneficial to the General state of the uterus, vagina and epididymis. By washing the vagina are substances which washed the walls and have a healing effect.

A simple procedure helps to eliminate bacteria and fungi from the walls of the vagina. In this case, Candida is no exception. Soda has a negative impact on the life of the fungus, halting the process of reproduction and destroying the structure of fungal fibers. Cells of the yeast begin to die, saving a patient from unpleasant itching and cheesy discharge.

Doctor’s advice problem is not limited to simple cleaning. Treatment necessary to maintain regularity.

The procedure should be repeated 2 times a day. The only way to be able to remove cheesy discharge from the vagina. After the procedure, it is necessary to use a special ointment on the basis of nystatin or levorin. To enhance the effect, it is advisable to use a set of tools. If everything is done correctly and regularly, the recovery won’t be long in coming.

How to prepare the medicine?

How to douche with baking soda for thrush? Good composition and techniques of manipulation are known not all. To prepare necessary to take:

  • 1 l of warm water;
  • 1 tsp of baking soda.

The baking soda is fully dissolved in the water. The water should be warm, since cold can cause spasm. The patient needs to get up on his haunches, take the syringe and inject the prepared solution into the vagina.

Soda and warm water for douchingSoda the procedure is simple, you can do them without having such experience. They are not only used for the treatment of thrush, but also for prevention. Douching can hold a mug of douches that are sold in almost any pharmacy.

Soda and warm water for solution is poured into a mug. The patient needs to go to the bathroom and throw your feet on the edge. The solution is injected into the vagina in a thin stream, without haste. A similar procedure is better to make a healthy habit that can be repeated 1 time a day.

The syringe should be disinfected after each session as there is a likelihood of re-infection. Is poured into a solution of calcium, and the outside is used for the alcohol.

Recommendations for use

Such irrigation is contraindicated in patients after the immediate conception and childbirth. Throughout the course of treatment, the patient must give up bad habits (Smoking, alcohol, coffee). Is strictly prohibited a long stay in hot sauna or bath. In this case, the optimal conditions for development of pathogenic flora.

The presented method can not fundamentally affect the problem of candidiasis, it should be used in combination with other drugs. Modern pharmacology is constantly evolving, and therefore the number of drugs that can fight yeast infection also grows.

Scheme irrigationUpon detection of unpleasant symptoms, you should seek the assistance of your doctor. It is not necessary to risk your health and to enter in the medical scheme unnecessary treatments so you can achieve the opposite result. If not properly treated there is an allergic reaction, leading to the fact that the walls of the mucous becoming too dry.

If the patient diagnosed with sexual infections, it is advisable to abandon the use of the above method. There are specific requirements for a sex partner. He needs to give up bad habits, and intercourse should be held with observance of contraception.

Only a doctor gives an appointment to the conduct of a particular procedure. If the patient intends to carry out soda sessions in the hope of a speedy conception, it can only harm your health. There is a risk of obtaining infection, that is difficult to cure.

With the appearance of abnormal symptoms should consult a doctor. It is impossible to douche before a reception at the gynecologist, because it can complicate the doctor the correct diagnosis.

The procedure douching will not take much time, the result of the struggle with thrush can be improved by using special ointments.

The sooner the diagnosis, the less time it will take for treatment. The best option is regular preventive maintenance. Self-treatment and self diagnosis is bad for your health.