Pathology in pregnancy: short cervix

To think about the woman, if she is diagnosed with short cervix during pregnancy? First of all don’t panic and nervous.

The problem of short cervix during pregnancy

Shortened cervix in pregnancy – pathology, which is found in many. The danger lies in the increased likelihood of miscarriage or premature birth. The body cannot withstand the weight of the emerging fetus possible miscarriage.

Regular visits to the doctor and undergoing the necessary diagnostic tests will help to prevent further development of the pathology at an early stage. Timely action will help to prolong pregnancy.

The reasons for the development of pathologyComparison of normal and short cervix

Why is the shortening of the cervix? Submitted to the pathological process in traditional medicine is called isthmic-cervical insufficiency, or ICN. Distinctive signs: premature cervical dilatation, softening.

Such manifestations can be diagnosed by 15-20 week. This time period starts rapid weight gain in the fetus. Some patients, the cervix is under heavy load. The problem is detected during a pelvic examination or ultrasound scan.

The patient herself watching the uncharacteristic change in his condition: there are abundant spotting. As a rule, the distinctive symptoms are almost completely absent.

There are a number of reasons, which cause pathology:

  • trauma;
  • medical abortion;
  • the weight of the fetus;
  • polyhydramnios;
  • conization;
  • rupture of the cervix at birth.

ICN is congenital and associated with hormonal disorders nature. For this reason, the observed short cervix in childbirth, but Conization - the reason for the shortening of the cervixnot during the whole period of gestation. The risk group includes patients who have had trauma to the uterus. Diagnosed abortion (2-3 trimester). Physicians should analyze the condition.

How to diagnose the problem?

Before the advent of ultrasound to detect during a simple pelvic examination. Under normal conditions, the length of the Ultrasound for the diagnosis ISNcervical canal within 3 cm of the Isthmic-cervical insufficiency causes softening of the uterus and its premature discovery.

Ultrasound helps to determine the exact length of the cervix and diameter of internal OS. Symptoms of vaginal determined thanks to special sensors. They are easily tolerated by patients and do not have a strong discomfort.

The main clinical signs that indicate a problem – pain in lower abdomen, spotting from the vagina.

In determining such symptoms can indicate an increased risk of abortion.

How to prevent and cure?Diagram of the overlay diaphragm

No wonder they say that the best prevention of problems. Primary prevention, which applies to all patients – use of proven contraceptive methods to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

The second, equally important step is seeing a doctor regularly (at least 1 time per year). The gynecologist will be able to identify the disease process and begin treatment with conservative methods. The most important is the planning of pregnancy. This applies to those patients who had a negative experience of pregnancy in the past.

There are 2 basic methods of treatment:

  • the use of obstetric ring pessary;
  • the suturing.

Versions of the seams on the neck mediolanie it is advisable to apply only if the cervix starts to open. Ring true to conservative methods of treatment, its main task – prevention of the condition if the doctor has the slightest suspicion. Research must be carried out at the detection of injuries to the uterus, congenital hypoplasia of the cervical canal.

Doctors have to constantly monitor the tone of the uterus, because it can cause premature ripening of the latter. Women should not engage in active physical activities and wearing special bandages. The stitches will be removed during the start of labor activity or the opened bleeding.Variants of sutures on the cervix

If any problems exist, the stitches are taken out routinely before 38 weeks. In the case of a caesarean section, the sutures are generally not removed. Patients should be aware that cervical insufficiency is not a sentence, it is necessary to adopt a series of measures that will prevent further disclosure of the uterus.

Upon detection of the primary symptoms, you must seek the assistance of your doctor. As in the case of increasing of pain syndrome or open bleeding. The sooner the diagnosis, the faster you can adjust your status. Self-treatment and self-diagnosis can only exacerbate the current clinical picture.

Time consult a specialist and be healthy!