The method of treatment of cervical erosion radio waves

Radiowave treatment of cervical erosion is one of the most effective methods, because this method impacts on erosion has no side effects and does not require re-treatment.

The problem of cervical erosion

General characteristics of cervical erosion

Cervical erosion is a common disease of the female reproductive system. According to statistics, this disease is diagnosed in almost half of the women in reproductive age. By its nature this disease is the formation on the cervix, having a non-malignant nature. Erosion results in the formation of the defect of the mucosa. Externally, the surface erosion of the hearth is reminiscent of the inflamed wound on the surface of the epithelium and appears as a spot of reddish color. Its causes can be very diverse. The most common reasons for the formation of the disease are the following:

  • the presence of inflammatory processes of the female urinary system;
  • inflammatory diseases, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • mechanical damage of the cervix;
  • a difficult birth.

Consultation of the gynecologist in the treatment of cervical erosion radio wavesThe disease is most often asymptomatic, but in some cases, there may be little spotting. Additionally, with the progression of the disease in women painful sensations appear in the process of sexual intercourse. The disease requires immediate treatment, as the increase in the area of mucosal lesions can lead to more serious illnesses until the development of cervical cancer. There are several methods of treatment of this disease, the main methods of exposure are treatment:

  • radio waves;
  • liquid nitrogen;
  • electricity;
  • laser;
  • medication.

The most common method of getting rid of the disease is the treatment radio wave method.

Erosion of the cervix – symptoms and causes

Gynecological infections and majourity provoke the development of disease. Genital tract infections and damage causing irritation and destruction of tissue layer of the epithelium. To cause the progression of the disease can be early sexual activity and its inability to control and randomness, disruptions in the menstrual cycle if you experience problems with hormonal background of the organism.

The main symptoms are:

  • itching, odor and appearance of vaginal discharge;
  • pain and the appearance of blood smears in the process of sexual intercourse;
  • the appearance of pain in the lumbar region;
  • the appearance of genital warts on the external genitals of a woman.

Developing the disease does not prevent conception and bearing a healthy child, however, infection, which contribute to the development of the disease, is able to trigger the development of female infertility. The most serious consequence of progression of erosion is high probability of occurrence and progression of cervical cancer.

Preparations for the treatment of erosion

Heavy labor is one of the reasons for the development of cervical erosionHeavy labor is one of the reasons for the development of medipure cervical erosion treatment of cervical erosion radio waves should conduct a survey of the body of the patient and to give some tests. The doctor, having identified during the inspection of the mucosa of the land, touching which leads to bleeding before a diagnosis is conducting a survey with the help of colposcope.

Before treatment should establish the cause of the ailment in a woman’s body. For this purpose, is smear with the mucosa of the female vagina, which allows to establish the quantitative composition of the beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms, additionally the scraping and specialize, allowing to identify the presence or absence in organism of the female genital infections that are contributing to the development of cervical erosion. Upon confirmation of the existence of erosion performs cytological examination and biopsy are required to exclude the presence in a patient of cervical cancer. Treatment of erosion can be done in two ways:

  • medication;
  • surgically.

Complex forms of the disease are not treated by medical methods. If the study shows that the outbreak of the disease has areas of dysplasia, indicating a high likelihood of developing cancer, used to treat surgery of the cervix. In such cases, the attending physician recommends the cauterization of erosion. The most common method nemedikamentozhnykh treatment – wave therapy.

The use of radiowave therapy in the treatment of disease

Medical treatment for cervical erosionMedical treatment for cervical erosion meditationby destruction is the most sparing method of treatment of the disease. The action method is not aimed at the excision of land from developing abnormal cells, and their evaporation by wave impact. Excision of the cervix is carried out using a special apparatus that performs radiation of high frequency waves. Meeting such a wave with tissues leads to the release of large amounts of thermal energy, resulting in evaporation of those cells that are affected by wave radiation.After applying this type of impact on the pathological area of the tissue mucosa in the postoperative period usually is almost no such side effects as profuse discharge, pain, or unpleasant odors.

Benefits and contraindications of using the method of radio wave surgery

The undoubted advantage of this method is its single application. Additionally, there are a number of advantages that contribute to more widespread dissemination of this method in the treatment of cervical erosion. Such advantages are:

  • minimal risk of scar tissue, which allows to apply this technique in women who never gave birth;
  • after the procedure in the affected area formed a protective film which prevents the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms in the impact area;
  • the absence of pain, and abundant secretions after treatment.

In addition to these advantages, the use of radiowave surgery allows to minimize the postoperative period of the patient and during the procedure to prevent damage to surrounding healthy cells of the mucosa. When applying for the treatment of this method should consider the presence of some contraindications.

The main contraindications of the application of this methodology are as follows:

  • the period of gestation of the child;
  • the period of menstruation;
  • the presence of acute inflammatory processes;
  • the presence of ailments such as diabetes mellitus;
  • the presence of diseases of system of blood clotting;
  • the presence of a pacemaker.

The procedure permitted during the period of lactation, as used by the radiation has no effect on the synthesis of milk.

Consequences of using high-frequency wave radiation

The implications of the method are the minimum. For several days, perhaps the emergence of meagre discharge with mucous or bloody, you may also receive after the procedure light cramping in the lower abdomen or in the perineum. These phenomena do not require treatment and disappear rather quickly. Complete healing of the wound surface occurs within one to two months. During this period, should refrain from sexual intercourse, use during menstruation tampons, trips to bath and sauna, swimming in pools and natural bodies of water.

Not recommended douching should abandon the intense exercise and avoid heavy exercise. Not in the recovery period to take aspirin and medications that in their composition contain this substance.Treatment of erosion of the high-frequency wave radiation is highly effective and is quick, without causing in the body the negative effects and occurrence of side effects. The only significant disadvantage of this method of treatment is the relatively high cost of the treatments.