Functional luteum cyst of the ovary

Luteum cyst is a specific functional retention education that grows from ovarian tissue. There is a tumor in place pregressive yellow body. Today the disease is widespread among women of reproductive age. It is easy to diagnose gynaecological, but treatment is not always successful and perhaps the complication of the disease, up to surgical intervention.

Why is the malfunction of the ovary?

Luteum cyst can occur in women at any age. The exact cause of the imbalance of the system is unknown. Scientists suggest that this is due to disturbances in blood circulation and movement of lymph in the yellow body. The latter is a gland of internal secretion, which produces the hormonal progesterone substance. It is formed cyclically, i.e. after each ovulation. Luteum cyst mainly grows in the period of the two-phase menstrual cycle.

The scheme of the cysts will technicalities that the reasons for the development of the disease depend on the hormonal imbalance, the negative impact of polluted environment on the endocrine system of the female body. It is important that the medication, stimulating the process of ovulation in the treatment of infertility or in preparation for IVF. Does not exclude the impact of emergency contraceptives type. Treatment of cysts of the corpus luteum, causes the development of which are dependent on eating disorders, significant physical loads, severe conditions of work, should primarily be to eliminate the main stimuli. Often the affected organ makes itself felt after an abortion or a myocardial inflammation of the ovaries.

The characteristic manifestations of the disease

Bloating - the symptom of the cyst of yellow body

The symptoms appeared tumors a woman is almost not a bother, as the cyst during the month reduced in size, and after a few cycles disappears. Its value is in the range of 6-8 cm during this period the patient should be observed by a specialist and to control the process of regression. Very rarely, a woman can feel the signs of development of disease in the form of:

  1. Pain at the site of the uterine appendages.
  2. Bloating, distension, heaviness.
  3. Sharp pain when leg, which attaches the cyst to the ovary, twisted. At this point in the body interferes with the normal circulation, and the patient feels pain attack.
  4. Irregular monthly cycle. Luteum cyst of the ovary interferes with the normal functioning of the reproductive system and causes delay in menses or a prolonged course. In the last case, an incorrect rejection of the endometrium.
  5. Nausea, vomiting.

Nausea and vomiting - symptoms of cysts of the corpus luteum

Nausea and vomiting – symptoms of the cyst yellow teleprocessing the disease can lead to apoplexy of the ovary, disruption of the corpus luteum with hemorrhage. The body breaks down the integrity of the tissue structure of the organ, i.e. there is a disconnect. The patient feels an “acute abdomen” in which there is a sharp drop in blood pressure, vomiting, cramping pain, intoxication, stress ventral surface of the abdomen. Luteum cyst, symptoms of which are characterized by the above symptoms, should immediately be examined by a doctor. Otherwise, without professional help this can lead to death.

Innovative diagnostics of cyst

Modern methods of diagnosing diseases take into account:

  • a description of your state of patient;
  • the results of the gynaecological examination;
  • history;
  • the data of ultrasonography and laparoscopy.

The principle of laparoscopic operationalise through the vagina allows to determine the location of the formation relative to the uterus. At ultrasound examination the cyst of yellow body is installed in the anechoic education circular shape with clear smooth contours, in rare cases, with a finely divided suspension in the middle. The size of the cyst ranges from 4-8 cm

An effective method for precise identification of the pathology of the corpus luteum is a dynamic ultrasound, which is carried out in the initial phase of the menstrual cycle. In rare cases, appoint the color Doppler when necessary to eliminate the vascularization of the structure of education and to distinguish the body of the cyst from other tumors of the body. Sometimes, the doctor examines the tumor marker CA-125. To establish the optimal treatment it is possible after the data about the presence or absence of pregnancy. If there is a suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy, it is better to spend a diagnostic laparoscopy, as it is difficult to distinguish from some gynecological disease (molar pregnancy, ovarian cystoma).

Therapeutic and preventive procedures

After determining an accurate diagnosis for a neoplasm is systematically observed. In most cases luteum cyst not immediately treatable. There is a period for which she should disappear on their own, without medical intervention. However, at this time will not damage the ultrasound. If the cyst is symptomatic or has recurrent as it is exposed to the corrosive agents in the form of anti-inflammatory means of hormonal contraceptives. The complex procedures may enter the therapeutic bath, vaginal wetting, peloidotherapy, SMT-phoresis, therapy magnets. Luteum cyst during pregnancy requires an individual approach to purpose of medications.

Prompt intervention it is only when 4-6 weeks of education is not resolved. When elective surgery apply the method of laparoscopic valesiana.

Moreover, ovarian tissue is sutured. A complication of the cyst of yellow body, treatment which is carried out by laparotomy, often caused by increased physical exertion, sexual activity. Prevention of the disease lies in timely treatment of inflammatory processes in the female organs, correction of hormonal changes.

Only with regular visits to the gynecologist can detect abnormalities and to avoid the severe consequences of defeat.