The symptoms point to endometriosis: what to do?
Symptoms: endometriosis and its treatment depends on the extent of the disease. a disease in which the endometrium starts to...
Methods for the treatment of endometritis
Endometritis very often occurs after abortion and surgery and becomes a cause of infertility. Treatment of endometritis in most cases...
If found endometriosis, what are the causes of development of disease?
When the diagnosis of endometriosis causes of illness from difficult to determine. The growth in the tissue that is similar...
What is a biopsy of the endometrium?
Endometrial biopsy - conduct diagnostic curettage of the uterus. This modern study refers to small gynecological operations.
Medical treatment of endometrial hyperplasia after curettage
Treatment of endometrial hyperplasia after curettage depends on the reasons that caused this condition. Hyperplasia - overgrowth of the lining...
Causes, symptoms and treatment of endometriosis retrocervical
Retrocervical endometriosis is a disease which is characterized by loss of the posterior wall of the cervix and isthmus.
Information: what it is internal endometriosis and how is it treated
Internal endometriosis - what is it? This is the question asked themselves and others the people who first heard or...
The main causes and treatment of thin endometrium
If thin endometrium, causes can have very different nature. In any case, hypoplasia of the need of proper treatment
What impact has the scraping of the endometrium
A fairly common gynecological surgery is curettage of the endometrium, the consequences of this procedure can be very diverse.
The necessary treatment after removal of endometrial polyp
Treatment after removal of an endometrial polyp has a number of specific features. Treatment is carried out in the course...
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