What is endometriosis of the uterus and how to detect this disease

Endometriosis of the uterus: what is it? The answer to this question will be interesting for those women who at least once faced with a similar diagnosis. Endometriosis refers to a benign pathology in which cells of the endometrium can attach to is not authorized to tissues. The disease occurs in 10-15% of women of reproductive age. Endometriosis of the uterus may be detected at colposcopy. The process can involve not only the reproductive organs of a woman (womb, ovaries, vagina), but also the lungs, intestines, etc.

The problem of inflammation of the endometrium

Endometriosis affects the uterus as the cervix and cavity.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis of the cervix is a serious disease. At various provoking factors cells of the mucous membrane of the uterus attach themselves in inappropriate place. When colposcopy under the microscope, the lesion of endometriosis of the cervix is well visualized and appears as a small ulceration or a point.

The reasons for this process can be several, and they are still not fully understood. However, there is strong evidence that endometriosis of the cervix: abnormal attachment of cells to the mucosa, the ability to infiltration as a result of violation of hormonal and immune system. Estrogens have a special influence on the development of this disease.
Scheme of endometriosis MediaTek, answering the question what is endometriosis of the uterus, should indicate the 3 main factors that trigger the disease:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • weak immune response;
  • hormonal imbalance with a predominance of estrogen.

Endometriosis for difficult birthsAlso there are the following main causes of endometriosis:

Endometriosis for difficult births

  • abortion;
  • a difficult birth;
  • surgical diathermy of the cervix.

Endometriosis postoperative scar is particularly common. Upon detection of erosion, it is often subjected to coagulation. If the procedure was performed the day before your period, the possibility of infiltration of cells in the scar formed after surgery.

If the process has gone away, it is possible to use a special injection, which prevents menstruation for several months. During this time, the negative effect of estrogen is suspended, the lesion regresses. Prevention of endometriosis involves the use of oral hormonal contraceptives keeping estrogen and progesterone at the appropriate level.

Symptoms of endometriosis and diagnosis

Endometriosis a possible cause of infertilityEndometriosis a possible cause of this disease are quite pronounced and quite often leads the women in a gynecologist’s office. Endometriosis and infertility go hand in hand, and that for a long period of failure to conceive alarming a patient goes to a doctor to determine the cause. Also, the disease manifests itself with painful menstruation, often become so unbearable that not responding to conventional analgesics.

Possible delay in menses when endometriosis and various violations in the cycle. Menstruation can last up to a week. Appear spotting.

What is the danger of endometriosis of the cervix? The main problems posed by disease – infertility and the occurrence of bleeding.

Sometimes a woman may feel pain during sexual intercourse and during bowel movements, which gives to the pelvic area.

The failure of menstruation in endometriosisThe failure of menstruation in endometriosis endometriosisendometriosis especially dangerous because it can affect not only the area of the cervix, but also the neighboring organs. If the process covers the rectum it can cause constipation, with the defeat of the bladder is manifested often need to go to the toilet. Spotting often appear after intercourse, and even pelvic examination.

The danger of bleeding is obvious. If there is a similar situation, repair it yourself is unlikely. So, do not think about how to stop the bleeding with endometriosis and should immediately visit a doctor.

Diagnosis of this disease is not difficult. Is colposcopy, ultrasound, endometrial, and in some cases biopsy. It is very important to undergo examination by a gynecologist at least once a year, because in some cases endometriosis is asymptomatic.

Treatment and impact of endometriosis

The spread of endometriosis

The treatment of such problem depends on the type of lesion. The classification of endometriosis has several options: in stages, the lesion at the place of occurrence. However, most of the doctors are traditionally allocate such a degree of endometriosis:

  • I – implant with a small focal lesion;
  • II – infiltration in the epididymis with the formation of adhesions;
  • III – defeat the deeper layers of the uterus (muscle);
  • IV – the lesions arise in the abdominal cavity.

Small areas are treated locally and with the use of hormonal therapy. Coagulation of endometriosis with the help of electric current can be conducted very rarely. Sites, usually gently evaporated by a laser or that it happens less often used method of cryotherapy.

However, even with small lesions using only local funds are insufficient. Attract hormonal therapy aimed at suppression of the ovaries and slow the growth of endometrial tissue. Estrogen in this case does not have the ability to affect the course of the disease. The lesions regress. The use of immunomodulatory therapy cannot be sidelined as a weakened immune system promotes the growth of endometrial tissue in the wrong place and its further infiltration.

Contraindications with endometriosis require to withdraw from such activities:

  • Smoking;
  • the intake of alcohol;
  • the use of drugs, stimulating the production of estrogen;
  • a visit to the bath;
  • of mud;
  • the application of heat for therapeutic purposes in lower back and abdomen.

Exercise in endometriosis reduce painful manifestations use special exercises with endometriosis. One of the most effective is as follows: you must lie on your stomach and stretch your arms forward. Alternately raise your legs up, 10 times each. This exercise should be performed 3 times a day.

Exercise with endometriosisIn some cases, it may be low-grade fever with endometriosis, but this is quite rare.

Allocation in this disease, as a rule, chocolate brown with clots that is very difficult intimate life of women. The causes of endometriosis, as mentioned above, is quite diverse. Not to mention as a trigger the presence of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs, which were not cured on time.

The effects of the running of endometriosis, unfortunately, can lead to the loss of a woman’s ability to conceive. Often, this pathology leads to permanent infertility, so it is important to treat on time.

Access to a doctor if there are signs of endometriosisSigns of disease at the initial stage may not be present, therefore early detection of disease is possible only at internal visiting the doctor. Symptoms may be absent altogether until a certain stage.

As genital endometriosis, localized in the cervix, similar in some manifestations with other, more dangerous pathologies, often taken smear for Cytology, which will show the presence of atypical cells.

The use of hormonal oral contraceptives in the early stages of the disease brings good results. The disease endometriosis is reversible if you start treatment with individual lesions not affecting adjacent organs.

Infertility and bleeding in endometriosis are the main factors and motivations for each woman to take for their health at the initial stage of the pathological process.