How to do douching with a yeast infection

Vaginal candidiasis is an unpleasant disease that is familiar to many women. Douching with a yeast infection is one of the most effective methods for relief of itching, sharp pains, reduction of white cheesy discharge. Some gynecologists prescribe special solutions as a Supplement to the basic treatment. How to carry out this procedure at home and not to hurt the body?

The problem of treatment of thrush

Right action is another step to recovery

Candidiasis must be treated comprehensively. The treatment includes administration of specific antifungal drugs, diet, medication, aimed at improving immunity. Remember that douching is only an aid to alleviate symptoms. To use any mixes, broths need after doctor’s permission. Self-treatment can even more harm, help the infection to multiply. Therefore, all manipulations should be carried out after consultation with a gynecologist.

The fungus Candida is the cause of thrushHow to do douching with a yeast infection right? First, you need to buy in a drugstore a special pear-syringe. Before use it must be disinfected (treated with alcohol or boil). It is convenient to carry out this procedure in the bathroom. Sequence of actions:

  • Type in pear in a solution or broth.
  • In the supine position bend your knees.
  • Extend the legs, gently introduce the tip of a syringe into the vagina (not more than 5 cm).
  • Slowly inject fluid. You can repeat the manipulation.
  • For a better effect can 10 minutes, to lie to the components of the solution were more active.
  • You can also choose the sitting posture is squatting, spread her legs wide apart.

It is recommended to try several locations, selecting the most convenient.

Which medium is most effective?

Soda ingredient, widely used in folk medicine. Has many useful properties: it is a natural antiseptic, disinfectant, sanitizer. In addition, it normalizes the acid-alkaline balance. Douching with a yeast infection with a solution of soda – one of the most effective methods in alleviating that nasty women’s disease. Plus is that the use of soda almost safe, has no contraindications, and apply it allowed at any stage of the disease. Due to its disinfectant properties of soda solution prevents the growth of Candida fungi. More than half of women who used is douching, experience relief after a few treatments. Recipe: in 1 liter of clean boiled water at room temperature to dissolve 1 tsp of baking soda. Once the powder has dissolved, it is possible to douche. To the treatment was faster, the procedure should be repeated twice a day after cleaning. Relief of symptoms occurs on the second day, but the treatment to stop is not recommended.

The use of douching decoction of chamomile for thrushChamomile – known medicinal plant with several useful properties, having a bright disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, soothing effect. Candidiasis decoction of chamomile flowers is used not only for irrigation but also for washing. Recipe: 200 ml of boiling water pour 1 tbsp. l. flowers of chamomile. Simmer 20 minutes on low heat. Ready the liquid infuse for 30-40 minutes, then strain through 2 layers of cheesecloth into a clean container. Use the infusion for douching need warm. The remains are used for daily cleaning so bacteria living on the external genitals, do not get inside. Often chamomile are used in Assembly with other medicinal herbs such as calendula. The decoction is prepared as in previous recipe, only need to take 1 teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers and 1 tsp of dried calendula flowers. The remnants of broth can be stored in the thermos, and, if necessary, to reheat the next day and safe to use.

Potassium permanganate – disinfectant substance known to almost everyone. Due to the antimicrobial action of potassium permanganate douching with a yeast infection gives a very good effect. It is important to remember to be careful. The fact that high concentration of manganese, once in the mucosa, may cause burns. Care must be taken that all crystals of a substance dissolved in water. In addition, color should not be too bright. Recipe: in 1 liter of water to take only 3 a small crystal of manganese. Obtained weakly concentrated solution can be done douching.

Hydrogen peroxide is another good antimicrobial agent for irrigation for thrush. In addition, it is used in gynecology to normalize the microflora of the vagina. Recipe: dissolve 1 tbsp of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution in 1/2 liter of pure water at room temperature. Is douching with a yeast infection is allowed to make no more than once a day.


Treatment of candidiasis by a gynecologistDespite the fact that thrush is quite a common disease, many women take the wrong steps in her treatment. Here is a list of what not to do:

  1. It is impossible to independently put a diagnosis of “candidiasis”, because many diseases have similar signs. Only a doctor can draw conclusions on the basis of examination and tests.
  2. To get involved with douching is not recommended, as with the Candida fungus can wash the beneficial bacteria necessary for the normal microflora of the vagina of a woman. The duration of the course of douches, decoctions, infusions and drugs for him also appoint a gynecologist, as there are situations where such a procedure can not be done.
  3. Wrong sequence, the wrong solution for douching with a yeast infection can cause serious health problems.
  4. In order to effectively overcome the disease, the treatment should also undergo a sexual partner.
  5. Douching with a yeast infection is just an additional method of treatment. Take it as a basis, you should not.

The results on the topic

Candidiasis – an unpleasant problem, but with the right choice of treatment since it is quite possible to cope.

The main thing to remember: the douche with a yeast infection and how long to do it, can identify only a doctor. Not worth the risk self-medicate, because there is nothing more important than your own health.