Yeast infections for girls and women – causes and treatment

A yeast infection in women – causes, treatment and symptoms of this disease many are interested. When there is a yeast infection in women, worried about the constant itching, burning, cheesy discharge and a lot of other unpleasant symptoms.

The problem of yeast infection in women

Probably, every woman should know what is thrush and how to treat it, what are the signs of yeast infection in women than scary this disease is and what are drugs.

The causes of the disease

Yeast-like fungi Candida either do not come, they are in our body mucous membranes. Manifested a yeast infection in women when these yeast fungi are becoming a lot. This increase in Candida can be caused by various factors ranging from stress or climate change, ending with the transfer of yeast infection sexually.

The Fungus CandidaThe disease manifests itself with a long reception of antibiotics, because antibiotics kill all bacteria – both harmful and useful. In addition to antibiotics Candida can cause oral hormonal contraceptives, contraceptives. Candidiasis can occur during pregnancy, and douching with the addition of chemicals.

Candidiasis in women can occur due to use of tampons, as from their application on the walls of the vagina can cause abrasions. If during intercourse the vagina is not enough natural lubrication, this can also appear thrush is a common disease, which if appeared again, will periodically return. The sooner you get prescribed treatment of thrush, so it will be more effective.

Women who ever had thrush, are constantly at risk. From time to time they can once again feel the symptoms. To avoid this, you need to adhere to the rules of hygiene and conduct effective treatment. But this does not help, if a woman is prone to yeast infections. Start yeast infection and in any case impossible.

The symptoms of yeast infection in women

Itching with a yeast infectionWhat are the symptoms of yeast infection in women? A yeast infection in women – symptoms and treatment of this disease should be under the control of the attending physician. The first and probably the most prominent symptom prominent symptom is the horrible itching and burning. From those nasty symptoms women often begin self-treatment of candidiasis folk remedies.

In the category of methods in different sources are described the most incredible recipes from the vagina to smear yogurt to the uses of carrots. a sensible woman would never think to use these tools, it is necessary to see a doctor who will prescribe it as an effective treatment of candidiasis with the help of modern drugs. All drugs for the treatment of thrush available at the pharmacy, they are sold without medical prescription.

The cause of panic in women is a white discharge from the vagina. But, it is worth remembering that the nature of the occurrence of such discharge can be very different, as the allocation may be normal. In the case that these allocations are a white-yellowish color and have an unpleasant odor, you should start to sound the alarm, because such allocation is talking about infections of the genitourinary system or the presence of any gynecological diseases.

Threat of discharge is a yeast infectionIn order to prevent the causes of the disease, it is necessary to conduct a routine inspection, which will help in early detection of disease of the reproductive system and to take necessary measures for treatment.

Profuse discharge may begin when the pathological changes that occur with changes of the cervix, prolapse of the walls of the uterus (possibly due to childbirth or strenuous exercise). Older women suffer due to lack of female sex hormones, even a white discharge occur due to oncological diseases or some blood diseases.

You must remember that each selection has its own character and requires a specific treatment. Very often at the first sign of copious put one diagnosis – thrush. But sometimes the inflammatory process involved multiple pathogens, so treatment from a regular yeast infection will be ineffective. In addition, thrush can occur for various reasons, for example due to low immunity, infection, which is transmitted sexually or to be a cover of another disease. And, in order to get rid of all pathogens, it is necessary at the first symptoms to see a specialist, who will prescribe a comprehensive treatment of thrush.

Unlike the sexually transmitted disease thrush is caused by active reproduction Drouwen Candida fungus that reside in our body, but only under the influence of some factors, they begin to multiply and cause the yeast infection.

Thrush in pregnancy

Cheesy discharge with a yeast infectionPregnancy is an important period in every woman’s life. It was at this point a woman as ever fragile and vulnerable. For any woman it is important that all the pregnancy proceeded in a joyful atmosphere and not what it is not marred. But we all know that a yeast infection during pregnancy is quite common.

Thrush in pregnancy is accompanied by intolerable itching of the genitals, cheesy discharge. It is important to note that during pregnancy these symptoms can be not only from yeast but from other infectious diseases.

During pregnancy, a woman is responsible not only for their health but for the health of the baby she is carrying, so under no circumstances it is impossible to engage samolechenie and read folk remedies, the most correct to go to the doctor with this problem. Only a gynecologist will be able to make the correct diagnosis. After analysis it will become clear candidiasis or other infectious disease.

Doctors studies have been conducted that have determined that thrush does not harm the child and his mother, but the treatment of yeast infection is necessary because it brings a lot of discomfort. The manifestation of the disease due to the fact that during this period the immune system of the woman is in a vulnerable and weakened state.

A yeast infection during pregnancy can occur due to tight synthetic undergarments or rough sexual intercourse, which injured the walls of the vagina. Even the immunity of the pregnant woman is weakened due to different medication, such as antibiotics, corticosteroids and immunosuppressants.

Synthetic lingerie is one of the causes of thrushDuring pregnancy, candidiasis can be manifested if women vitamin deficiency, chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, bacterial vaginosis and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. If you open any medical book, it describes the relationship between the consumption of sweets and the appearance of thrush.

The view of many physicians disagree. Some argue that 20% of women contracted yeast infection before pregnancy, and some say that a large concentration of the Candida fungi found in the intestines are. To detect these fungi can make the stool.

To diagnose thrush by using examination. This procedure is familiar to all women and is a common smear, which can take a gynecologist during the inspection.

Yeast infection treatment when pregnancy occurs with the help of medicines. Self-medication is contraindicated, first, without analysis it is impossible to accurately determine a yeast infection or not, and secondly, only a doctor can recommend a suitable antifungal drug for a pregnant woman.

The intestinal candidiasis in women

A yeast infection of the intestines due to excessive alcohol consumptionThe causes of intestinal candidiasis in women may be excessive consumption of alcohol. The fact is that alcohol reduces the immunity of the gastrointestinal tract. If alcohol consumption – business as usual, the person the beneficial microflora of the gastrointestinal tract is almost destroyed. Also affects the stomach and Smoking.

Drinking alcohol can lead to gastritis. By itself, the intestinal candidiasis is a complex form of dysbiosis. Once in the intestine creates unsuitable conditions for reproduction of the normal organisms, Candida begins to multiply. Manifestation begins with gas formation in the intestine and diarrhea. In addition, in the stool of the patient appear white flakes.

The fungus Candida find each person in the gastrointestinal tract. But as soon as the normal intestinal flora is disturbed, Candida multiplies with incredible speed, and these fungi begin to settle in the mucous membranes of the bronchi, genital organs, urinary system and oral cavity.

One of the first causes of the disease – weakened immune system, stressful situation. Older people are at risk in the first place. Also, the disease can arise from improper nutrition, due to diseases such as anemia, liver cirrhosis, alcoholism. The disease will progress in people who were treated with mechanical ventilation. Thyroid disease, treatment with antibiotics, which occurs in the treatment of neoplastic and autoimmune diseases can also cause candidiasis. The intestinal candidiasis is a serious disease that requires immediate treatment. The self in such a situation is unacceptable.

How to treat yeast infection the form? The first thing to do is to contact your gynecologist. After that, the gynecologist will take when inspecting a swab and send it to a laboratory for examination, after which it is possible to accurately diagnose and identify the causes of candidiasis. Once the causes can be removed. It should be noted that the reluctance to go to the doctor and self-medication can lead to chronic form of the disease.

A comprehensive treatment of thrush

How to cure yeast infection in women? Since it is known that a yeast infection is sexually transmitted, treatment for thrush should take place both partners at the same time. At the time of treatment should use condoms.

How to treat thrush? If the thrush is mild, it will be sufficient therapy candles or creams. These funds are very fast, the result can be felt already in the first day, if you use drugs of new generation. Treatment of thrush includes two courses in the use of medications. Only then comes a full recovery.

Already proved time and again that the Candida in men appears several times less. They have a disease may occur when the wife is pregnant. The second cause of thrush is a weakened immune system most men, in this case treatment should be complex, that is necessary to raise immunity and to cure yeast infection. Men suffer from yeast infection in tens times less often, because the fungus Candida is not accustomed in the male body, plus they are washed out by the natural urine from the urethra.

How to treat thrush? If you just treat the fungus Candida, the effect will be short-lived.

Is it possible to cure yeast infection once and for all? Can be subject to all the rules of treatment, but there is always the risk of re-emergence of the fungus.

How to deal with yeast infection women? Treatment of thrush in women occurs according to the same scheme – the identification of the causes and their elimination. But that’s only because of the huge number, it and change geographic location, and pregnancy, and a weakened immune system, and sex and various diseases.