The dangerous erosion of the cervix and its treatment of folk remedies

Erosion doctors are finding in many women. This disease is one of the most common. Treatment of cervical erosion of folk remedies gives excellent results. If you start it immediately after the detection of disease, the probability of full recovery is much higher. When applying traditional methods of treatment, cervical erosion cured as fast as when using the means of conservative therapy. But folk medicine practically does not cause side effects. If you choose this method of getting rid of the disease, the woman must be patient.

Effective folk remedy to cervical erosion

Causes of cervical erosion

Cervical erosion is a sore or wound. Gynecologist discovers it during the inspection. Violation of the integrity of covering the cervix epithelium may cause a mechanical effect or infection.

Diagram of cervical erosion Batkivshina the wound after a short period starts to heal in a natural way, as any other tissue damage. But not always sore disappears without a trace. In its place there is often a pseudo. Such as the surface of the cervix is called ectopia.

Ectopic ulcer has a different origin. On the vaginal portion of the cervix appear unusual for her cell epithelium of the cervical canal. Externally, an ulcer looks like a red speck. It is not a wound as normal erosion.

The latter is diagnosed very rarely, so as persists 1-2 weeks. The vast majority of cases, the doctor detects an ectopic. This education can also heal on its own without any treatment. However, in most cases, it is necessary to treat.

Erosion usually does not manifest itself if it did not appear the inflammatory process. In this case, the woman may experience abnormal discharge.

The structure mediatopia sore easily injured. She may be a little bleeding during intercourse, when using a sanitary tampon, the process of douching and pelvic exam instrumental. But the amount of blood is very small and may go unnoticed.

After the detection of erosion in women taking swabs and sending it to colposcopy. This procedure allows us to study the cells of the epithelium of the vaginal part of the cervix under a microscope. During the examination, the doctor may take a piece of tissue for study in the laboratory.

Causes of erosion

Erosion are even baby girls. Wounds result from intrauterine violations of the formation of the epithelium of the cervix. Such erosion is called congenital. They often are eliminated without treatment, if there is no associated infection.

Hormonal changes from the girl before puberty can also cause sores on the cervix.Pregnancy - the cause of cervical erosion

Pregnancy – the cause of cervical erosion of mattersey is often diagnosed in pregnant women. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and weakened immune system are causes of wounds during carrying a child. After the baby is born erosion can disappear without a trace.

Abnormal childbirth, accompanied by tears, and induced abortions are often the causes of erosion. Incorrectly sewn tears and untreated injuries of the cervix lead to the appearance of scars, which cause a protrusion of the epithelium from the cervical canal into the vagina.

Erosions arise in the bends of the uterus due to poor circulation and the emergence of stagnation in the pelvic organs.

Inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system contribute to the development of erosions.

What is the danger of erosion?Infertility - a consequence of cervical erosion

By itself, the sore is not dangerous. However, it provides fertile ground for the development of various pathologies. If infection occurs erosion, women are inflammatory gynecological diseases – candidiasis, vaginitis or endocervicitis. Erosion can cause the appearance of chronic inflammatory processes in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and the urinary system.

The disease sometimes causes infertility. This is due to violation of production of cervical mucous secretion, required for penetration of sperm into the uterus. The lack of mucus causes a massive loss of male germ cells, and its surplus prevents them to overcome cervical canal.

Cervical erosion – a risk factor for cancer zabolevaniyami of the most dangerous complications of cervical erosion is the development of cancer. This wound is precancerous or precancerous condition.Cervical erosion - a risk factor for oncological diseases

If a woman does not pass the regularly scheduled examination by a gynecologist, she might not know about the appearance of erosion. Even the most dangerous processes on the cervix may be overlooked because it is practically devoid of nerve endings.

How to treat erosion of folk remedies effective?

Treatment sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil is a classic remedy for treatment of many gynecological diseases, including cervical erosion.

As a means of folk medicine, sea buckthorn is known for hundreds of years. Orange berry has powerful healing properties. It can even cure sores.Sea buckthorn oil for the treatment of cervical erosion

Sea buckthorn oil can be purchased at the pharmacy or make your own. You need to take the choicest berries to clear them of branches and leaves, rinse and dry. Any convenient way from the squeezed berries juice, a meal of prepared oil. 3 cups sea buckthorn pulp should be placed in a glass container and pour 0.5 liters of sunflower or olive oil. Closed vessel with the contents placed for 1 week in a cool dark place, after which the finished filter medium.

To strengthen the medicinal properties of the prepared oil, they can pour one more portion of the cake. Again currently the drug is filtered and used.

Honey for the treatment of cervical erosion matkalla the treatment of erosion, sea buckthorn oil liberally cover hygienic tampon and place it in the vagina for 16-20 hours. In order not to dirty linen, it is recommended to use gaskets. The course of treatment is about 3 weeks. For this period, should refrain from sexual activity.Honey for the treatment of cervical erosion

Sea buckthorn oil does not cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the female sex organs and does not contain toxic substances. It can be used by pregnant or nursing women. Restrictions on the use of such funds apply only to people who are allergic to orange berry.

The treatment with honey

Healers have traditionally used honey to treat women’s diseases. The popularity of bee product due to the broad spectrum of its beneficial properties: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antitumoral and regenerative. In gynecological purposes, it is recommended to use Linden honey.Benefits of onions for the treatment of cervical erosion

In the treatment of erosion using honey douching and tampons. First you need 1 tbsp of honey to dissolve in 1 glass of warm boiled water. The solution is slowly injected into the vagina using a syringe. Then you should lie down for about 10 minutes. The procedure is repeated daily at bedtime for 2 weeks.

The use of onions for the treatment of cervical erosion matkalla honey applications need tampons. The tool is immersed in honey and inserted into the vagina at night. If honey is thick, it should be diluted to the consistency of moderate viscosity. The procedure is repeated daily for 2 weeks.

When large erosions to honey it is recommended to add the juice of the Golden mustache. A few drops squeezed from the leaves of plants and is added to the honey prior to processing of the tampon. The latter is necessary to extract after 6 hours.

Enhance properties of honey will help aloe Vera juice. Such applications are shown in cases where erosion is bleeding. The plant must be an adult (at least 2 years). A mixture of honey and aloe juice is applied on a tampon and inserted into the vagina at night. Before use it is necessary to do a cytological analysis of cervical smears to rule out cancer.

Effective tampons with honey, onion juice and cranberry. The ingredients are mixed in equal parts. Impregnated composition tampon left in the vagina overnight.

Treatment of erosion of folk remedies can be quite lengthy. Between the courses of douches and applications need to take breaks for a week.

Contraindication to treatment with honey is allergic to bee products.

The popular treatmentThe benefits of calendula for the treatment of cervical erosion

The erosion will help to cure calendula. This orange garden flower has powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that affect pathogens is similar to antibiotics.

For the treatment of erosion is used alcohol tincture of calendula. You can buy in the drugstore or make your own. To do this, 2 tbsp of fresh blossoms you put in a glass dish and pour 1/2 Cup of vodka or 40% alcohol. Insist in a cool and dark place for 1 week. The prepared medium is filtered and stored in the refrigerator.

For irrigation tincture must be diluted with water. To 1 Cup of warm boiled water, use 1 tsp. tincture.

Instead, you can use for douching infusion of marigold. 1 tbsp. l. raw pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist 1 hour. Finished medicine filter, cool to body temperature and used for douching.The syringe for the procedure

A syringe for holding procedureor treatment means on the basis of calendula is 3 weeks. The douches should begin immediately after menstrual bleeding. In many cases it is sufficient to 1 course of treatment for getting rid of sores. If this was not enough, the treatment should be repeated. Treatment is terminated at the time of menstrual bleeding.

Contraindication to treatment with calendula is an allergic reaction to the flower.

Other people’s ways

With the erosion of traditional healers recommend to do douching with an infusion of chamomile. It is proven since ancient times for the treatment of gynecological diseases.St. John's wort for the treatment of cervical erosion

St. John’s wort for the treatment of cervical erosion mackinlay cook, Bay 2 tablespoons dry flowers 1 liter of boiling water. The liquid is heated in a water bath for 10-15 minutes, then insist half an hour and filtered. Douching is better to do it daily before sleep for 2 weeks. If necessary, the course must be repeated after 1 week.

If alternate douching with chamomile extract and decoction of birch buds, the effect of the treatment will be stronger. To prepare the broth 2 tbsp. l. birch buds pour 2 cups of boiling water and cook on slow heat for 30 minutes.

Ready broth is filtered through a folded in several layers of cheesecloth. The first 10 days spend douching with chamomile extract, following 10 days – a decoction of birch buds. After 20 days of treatment should take a break of 1 week.

Of medicinal herbs you can prepare fees for douching. Plants in them reinforce each other’s actions. Well helps to cope with the disease, the collection of 5 parts Hypericum, the same amount of nettle, 3 parts, grass shepherd’s purse, 2 shares of white willow bark, 1 part herb and white dead-nettle, the same amount of tormentil root, 3 parts of chamomile and 2 shares of sage. Collection pour 7 cups water and put in a water bath for 20 minutes. Ready infusion was cooled to body temperature, strain and use for douching. To enhance the effect, you can douche 2 times a day. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

Helps you quickly get rid of erosion, the application of swabs soaked in a nettle juice.

Not less effective application of a mixture of honey, juice of burdock and sea buckthorn oil. The ingredients are mixed in equal proportions, apply the mixture on a tampon and insert it overnight in the vagina.

If diagnosed with cervical erosion, treatment of folk remedies can be done only after consultation with a doctor and under his supervision.