Causes of isolated cysts of the endocervix

Single cysts of the endocervix – the small formation resembling a tumor and localized in the plane of the cervix. At risk of this disease women aged 40 years who have given birth. However, as an exception to the endocervix cysts can appear in young nulliparous women.

The problem of single cysts of the endocervix

Why are there cysts of the endocervix?

As a result of labor on the walls of the uterus can form cysts. In addition, potential hazards are considered and scars formed after the treatment of such diseases as erosion of the uterus. The reasons for the presence of cysts of the endocervix of the uterus cervix can be the following:

  1. Mechanical injury.
  2. Inflammatory processes, has acquired a chronic character. The process can be both infectious and catarrhal character. But, regardless of the nature of the inflammatory process must necessarily be subjected to treatment.
  3. Continuous use of the wrong entry or IUDs. The best type of helix it is mandatory to choose a doctor based on the anatomical features of the structure of a woman’s body. In this case, it is guaranteed that the spiral will not cause the body any harm! But the spiral, self-selected patient may not only not produce the desired effect, but also to leave on the surface of the walls of the uterus tiny wounds, which zerubavel can cause tumors or cysts on the endocervix.
  4. Leukoplakia. The disease is characterized by the appearance on the mucous membrane white spots with a diameter of 0.5 cm, on the place which in the future can appear cyst. Priority in this case, it is recommended to pay it on leukoplakia, and then later on, endocervix. After therapeutic intervention, the number of white spots will cease to grow, and can be safely treat their effects.
  5. Blockage of the ducts. To a considerable accumulation of dead cells in the ducts of the glands inevitably causes a hormonal imbalance occurring in the body. And this, in turn, leads to the accumulation of internal secret, which greatly annoys the cavity.

At first, after the formation of cysts a woman can not to disturb any symptoms and the tumor did not affect the life. Identify it can only a regular medical examination, which will produced not only inspection, but also a study on the ultrasound machine. However, this diagnosis is not a sentence, because it easily lends itself to traditional methods of treatment!

How to cure endocervix?

Consultation of the gynecologistDepending on the causes of the disease, its course and extent of neglect, the patient will be assigned a personalized treatment, which is usually carried out therapeutic methods. For example, cryotherapy is applied only in the case if the cysts are too deep.

Using low temperatures is the cauterization of the tumor, which after such a procedure quickly becomes thinner, cease to grow and eventually disappears. However, to carry out cryotherapy can be used only if the body is not happening any inflammatory processes.

This type of treatment has no contraindications and has been successfully used to treat women of any age in many countries. If the channel had violated the outflow of secretions, it is artificial output. The woman at the same time will not experience discomfort. Usually doctors resorted to this method of treating patients. The most radical method of treatment is surgical, to date, is seldom used. The fact is that during surgery and removed part of the uterus, and this will inevitably affect reproductive functions. And in order to save her, the doctors are trying hard to treat his patients by traditional methods. In most cases, this gives a positive result.

Help to cope with illness and some recipes of traditional medicine, however, about the appropriateness of their use it is advisable to consult your doctor. The most popular option is a tincture of succession, violets, Valerian and St. John’s wort, drenched with boiling water and infused for half a day. The money received must be taken 4 times a day, half an hour before meals. Go there after this treatment all signs of the disease, not scientifically proven, because taking it as the basis of a medical complex is not worth it. Tincture can be a great addition, toning the body and strengthening the immune system. However, to make it a key element of treatment, of course, not worth it.