Causes and treatment of Bartholin’s cyst

Causes of Bartholin’s cyst can be varied. Bartolina gland is located in the thickness of the tissue between the large and small labia. Its main function is the secretion of a liquid secret, which moistened vagina. This mechanism allows to avoid discomfort during sexual intercourse. If the secret cannot completely escape through the ducts, it accumulates inside the gland. Gradually are formed around the thick wall, so there is the cyst of Bartholin’s gland.



Overlap and inflammation of the ducts of Bartholin’s glands usually occurs because of exposure to any sexually transmitted infections. The most common is the so-called thrush or vaginal candidiasis. This condition is caused by excessive proliferation of fungi of the genus Candida that are permanent residents of the vagina and begin to activate during weakening of protective forces of an organism or alter the structure of the vaginal microflora. Infections that trigger a sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia or Trichomonas can also cause the development of a Bartholin’s cyst. Another reason for the occurrence of this disease can be reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in the intestine that get into the vagina. All these infections are manifested on the background of weakening of immunity, and poor hygiene of the genital organs.

The overlap of the ducts can also be provoked by mechanical impact:

  • injuries during epilation;
  • too tight underwear;
  • excessive sexual acts that are accompanied by appearance of rubs and damages the labia;
  • the transfer of any surgical interventions.

Born under the influence of one of the above reasons, the cyst may resolve itself after the restoration of normal outflow of secretions. But it sometimes reaches enormous size (up to 8 cm) and interfere with sexual intercourse and even walking. Under adverse conditions can get inflammation and form an abscess.

The main symptoms

Aloe in the treatment of Bartolomeu brushIf the cyst is small in size, to feel its symptoms is almost impossible. Such entities are usually found only on reception at the gynecologist and represent a small seal in a region of the base of the labia majora. If the cyst has reached a large size, it might interfere with during sexual intercourse to be felt when walking and cause pain. Moreover, due to the occlusion of its duct of Bartholin’s gland will be felt the lack of lubrication, which should be allocated during sexual intercourse. With worsening situation, the cyst may begin to fester. In this case, forming an abscess, which is accompanied by an increase in temperature and a sharp deterioration of health. When inflammation of the cyst may occur, and purulent discharge.

Possible consequences

The consequences of Bartholin’s cyst can also be. If the cyst is aggravated by infections and viruses, it can cause bartholinitis – inflammation of the prostate. This disease can be acute and chronic. In acute manifestation patients usually shows hospital as the place of the cyst forms a painful lesion of suppuration, fever and rapidly deteriorating General condition. A chronic form of bartholinitis in the period of remission occurs without symptoms, but the threat of sudden exacerbations. Another type of complications of inflammation of the cysts is spontaneous rupture of the abscess. If it erupts, may form a fistula, and if inside, the pus gets into the abdominal cavity and the process of inflammation is transferred to other organs.

Removal of Bartholin’s cyst

Surgery to remove the cyst is assigned to the case:

  • of purulent inflammation;
  • cancer of the labia;
  • Honey in the treatment of Bartolomeu brushthe presence of strong discomfort, accompanied by painful sensations.

Surgery requires no preparation and can be performed in a day patient in the hospital. It is usually performed under local anesthesia, but when aggravated pain can be used and General anesthesia.

There are several methods of removal of Bartholin’s cyst:

  • drainage;
  • marsupialization;
  • puncturing;
  • husking;
  • laser vaporization.

The first method is the least effective because of the occurrence of frequent relapses. He is laying duct cancer using a special catheter, through which should see a secret. After healing, the catheter is removed. Puncturing is a puncturing of the cyst with a needle with a subsequent draining of its contents. This method is used when it is impossible to conduct a proper operation, for example, during pregnancy patient. The most common types of surgery to remove the Bartholin’s cyst marsupialization and are husking. Marsupialization of Bartholin’s cyst applies in the case of repeated renewal of development of cyst. Her goal is to create a new duct and restore normal functioning of the gland. The procedure is the dissection of the cyst, lavage of the cavity and sewing the shell of the cyst to the mucous membrane of labia. Thus, a new duct.

According to present methods, after opening the cyst using a special catheter that performs the function of removing secret until completely healed duct. Do this in order to again there was a blockage of the duct and formed a new cyst. Husking cysts of Bartholin’s gland is accompanied by large losses of blood. In this case, a small incision is made in the direction away from the labia minora. Then gently incision fiber and is squeezing the cyst contents. After that, the edges of the cyst are stitched together. During the operation it is very important to prevent spontaneous rupture of the cyst, it will create conditions for pollution of a wound and significantly complicate operational process.

Recently a new method of removal of Bartholin gland cyst – laser vaporization. It lies in the direct impact by the laser on the cyst, resulting in its “evaporation”. This method takes a minimum of time, prevents bleeding and you’ll be speedy healing of tissues compared to other types of operations.

In addition to discomfort during sexual intercourse, no complications it usually does not cause. The problem can be solved with the help of artificial lubricants. After the operation the patient from leaving the medical facility. Within a few days she can be swelling of the vulva, and in the case of valesiana – little spotting. Love life is banned at least for one month after surgery.

Treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of folk remedies can be effective only if the cyst is small and not inflamed. Salt lotions. In a glass of water to dissolve two tablespoons of salt. Moisten in this solution the gasket and attach to the right place for 5-6 hours, then change it to a new.

A salve of aloe and honey. 200 g of ground aloe leaves, mix with 400 g of honey and same quantity of red wine. This mixture should boil in a water bath for one hour, then strain and take daily 30 minutes before meals. A compress of honey and garlic. Grind the garlic clove with liquid honey and black bread. Attach to the desired location twice a day. If the cyst is inflamed, and doctors, and folk medicine are advised to take sitz baths with the addition of chamomile or oak bark. Often, after removal of the cyst may appear again and again. This happens due to the fact that the reason of overlapping of the ducts of the Bartholin gland is not fixed, that is, of infectious processes in the body are still ongoing. Therefore, in addition to eliminate the cyst, you need to implement the appropriate treatment of infectious diseases and to take measures to strengthen the immune system.